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We now have a discord for FuriousPk, click the following link to join!


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Posted by Dtc Lukas, 21/12/2016

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Donor Benefits

In-Game Donators

Requirements for the Donator rank in-game:
15$ Donation to the server to help it grow and stay alive. ->
This can be bought with one payment or multiple payments over time.

What a Donation gets you:
-In-game points to be used in the store
2s8mgs1.png    2jbwjt5.png
2$-200 points
  5$-500 points                     
  10$-1000 points
  20$-2000 points
  50$-5000 points
  100$-10000 points

-In-game Donator Rank
  15$ - Regular Donator kbbtic.png
  40$ - Super Donator 2dt572a.png
  100$ - Legendary Donator 21bsoed.png
  200$ - Demonic Donator 1zf7cy0.png
  400$ - Uber Donator  11mevxv.png

Benefits of a Donor rank ingame:
- ::bank - can use this command anywhere besides wilderness or in minigames.
- ::dz - this is the Donor Zone
- Donor slayer cave - can be found in ::dz by going down ladder, high level slayer monsters can be found here
- You can special attack restore by using the chaos altar every 2 minutes.
- You can use the NPC A'abla to quick restore your health
- Unlimited yell, No timer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim my points? 
  Type the command ::claimpoints

How can I donate?

I cant claim my points?
  You can use ::getstatus 'orderid' ex) ::getstatus 416.....  *Make sure you allow up to 24hrs for the donation to be processed.

My donation did not work, what do I do?
  Go to the 'Account Management" section of the forums and follow the pinned topic in 'Donation Problems'

How to get a donor rank with in game currency?

    You can buy donations from other players, use a staff as a middle man for the trade.


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Posted by luigi, 13/12/2016