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Ingame Updates - March 17th, 2017

Here's all of the known updates and fixes.

Wearing a Cooking cape will allow you to never burn when cooking food.

Dragon claws' special attack now has additional sequences, can now hit e.g. 0-30-15-7 (this sequence will need another update however, as that hit should be 0-30-15-16). Update soon will fix hitting through Protect From Melee prayer and also will add the other sequences.

Ancient mace now has no special attack accuracy or damage multiplier, and it will always drain the enemy's prayer points (before, sometimes it would not drain), and it should hit through protection prayer (haven't confirmed/tested). Currently, it will drain enemy's prayer, although their prayer points will not update, e.g. if the mace hits a 20 and your prayer was 99, it will be 79, but it will still display 99 points. Another update will fix this, and also add the ability to raise your prayer points above max with the special attack.

Vengeance, chivalry and piety now take in consideration your actual defense level instead of the current defense level. Before, if your defense level was lowered by Saradomin brews, Bandos godsword's special attack, or other means, you couldn't use said prayers or Vengeance.

You can no longer fish while using the ::bank command.

Fish is now percentage based instead of cycle based like it should be. On average, the amount of fish caught is still the same.

Added Wishing well. Basically, throw money into edgeville well to boost whole server xp by 50%.

Quest tab now shows xp bonus such as wishing well and xp weekend when enabled.

Nieves Slayer Cave is now finished and all objects work, and addition to that you need a slayer task of the npc you attempt to attack to be able to attack it here. Still needs the NPCs spawned.

Toxic staff of the dead (Uncharged) can now be dismantled and the magic fang and staff of the dead is retrieved.

You can now uncharge a Toxic staff of the dead with 0 charges.

Venom will now go away on death.

Bug fixed to where every time you get afflicted by venom, it would restart at 6 instead of increasing.

Special attacks now actually increase damage against NPCs... apparently used to not.

Abyssal dagger's special attack will now completely hit 0 if one of the hits would be 0.

Enchanting items now costs runes.

Portal at Duel Arena is now disabled.

Bronze Dragons no longer drop Draconic visage.

The issue where Treasonous and Tyrannical rings were mixed up at the imbue-rings shop was fixed.

Proper formula for Sanfew/Super Restore/Prayer potions implemented, was apparently off before.

Donator zone area was changed, soon to be updated more.

Cerberus boss was added, although needs more updates in order to function correctly, also currently doesn't drop anything.


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Posted by ExoTiiC, 18/03/2017

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Re: Ingame Updates - March 17th, 2017

Nice uodates! Props to the developer team once again, also don't stop posting bugs/suggestions in the right section to see them getting implemented into the game!


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Posted by AntGriez, 18/03/2017