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Hello Players


Here are the most important updates we did in the past weeks.

-A bonus weapon system has been added to add more variety to Pking

-A few woodcutting fixes

-A lot of new staff commands to make their work easier :)

-Abyssal dagger and Dragon warhammer (and their special attacks) have been added to the game

-Added player commands such as ::skull

-An issue that caused downtime has been fixed

-An issue with pets has been solved

-Changing your password will now log you out and ask you to login with your new password

-Combat accuracy has been rewritten and is much better now, accuracy for multiple weapons has been changed

-Corporal beast has been added

-Dtc Lukas received more access to help players with all kinds of issues

-Increased the maximum kill streak to 20 with corresponding rewards

-Invalid animations and ids should be fixed now

-Lizardman shamans mechanics have been added

-Multiple changes have been done to improve the economy

-Multiple server performance updates

-Mystery boxes have been added with very cool rewards such as Dragon Warhammer

-Social media commands (::youtubers, ::votw, ::facebook) have been added (Don't forget to like us!)

-Some items have been reduced in price in the Pk store

-Some ladders/stairs have been corrected

-The highscores have been updated and show your kills count too

-We've stopped limiting the amounts of certain items


FuriousPk Administration

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Posted by Blake, 16/10/16