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Ingame Updates - January - Febuary

You guys asked for it so here is a list of all bug fixes and updates.

Regular Donator and Super Donator get 5% drop rate increase.
Legendary/Demonic/Uber Donator get 15% drop rate increase.
Staff Members now get 20% drop rate increase.

Saradoimin's sword's special now works correctly.

Vesta's longsword now has a 1.25 special accuracy multiplier, was 2.0 before.

Abyssal dagger has been nerfed, now has a 0.85x damage multiplier.

Runite rocks now correctly yield runite ore.

Abyssal demons now drop Abyssal dagger 1/9700 rate.

Ring of Wealth 5% drop increase, Ring of Wealth (i) 10%.

Some spell requirements were fixed.

Staff of the Dead/Serpentine helm/Blowpipe can now be traded, and are lost on death.

Amulet of Damned now has effect for Ahrim's.

Vesta's Spear now uses 50% special

Elysian now has its effect.

Barrelchest Anchor's special now has a 2.0 accuracy multiplier, damage multipler of 1.10, and it will lower an enemy's Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, or Magic level by 10% of the damage dealt.

Damage of Bandos Godsword has increased to the right percentage.

Saradomin Blessed Sword can now special attack at 65%.

Staff of the Dead now uses 100% special attack.

Armadyl Crossbow special attack accuracy boost is added.

Dragon Warhammer's special accuracy was 500%, is now 150%. Now lowers opponent's defense by 30%.

Statius Warhammer also lowers opponent's defense by 30%

Dragon dagger's special now has 1.10x damage (will be updated soon to correctly be 1.15x).

Max Cape auto banks on death and is not trade-able.

Void melee and Void Range damage has been increased.

Dragon Halberd is nerfed and doesn't double hit in pvp.

You can now p, p+, p++ all poisonable weapons and ammo.

Skilling Updates:

Skilling achievements are now working properly.

You can now cook anywhere in-game, using either fires, fire pits, stoves, ranges and cooking ranges

All anvils now work in-game and armor options are set to the right amount of bars used.

Super combat potions can be made with Herblore once again.


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Posted by luigi, 26/02/2017

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Re: Ingame Updates - January - Febuary

Nice updates! Huge props to the new developer for fixing loads of stuff, this is what FPK needs! Make FPK great again! Everyone, don't forget to post bugs/glitches in the correct section, so the developer has some work to do :P


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Posted by AntGriez, 27/02/2017